Audio Recording Revolution: The Spotify Audio Recorder

Music fans now have a versatile tool with which to download streaming music from any source without having to record advertisements, background noise, and a lot more. The Spotify Audio Recorder comes with cutting edge technology that allows the recording do be done from the source and hence the crystal-clear recording. Take a look at the awesome features that the tools has.

· Free music library — You now get a music library at no cost.

· Automatic capture of track details — you no longer have to record music as “Track 1” etc; you get Title, Album and Artist information automatically.

· Low volume recording — The CAC technology records from the core streaming audio, so there is no background noise and the recording can be done at low volume.

· No adverts — you can remove all adverts from the audio.

· Ringtone creation — select any part of the audio and create a ringtone.

· One-click recording — you no longer have to tweak several settings during recording. Simply select your track and then click the record button, an all else is done automatically.

Basically, this is a tool that will change how audio recording is done on the Internet. You can record from any type of file and the music will be saved as MP3. Download the Spotify Audio Recorder and never have to worry about your music files anymore.