Getting Started

In the world that we live in, there are many ways to approach the idea of starting up your own business. Whether you’re a student or working a full-time job, there are steps you can take to build your brand and turn your dreams into a reality. Although I can’t give you a bullshit, cookie-cutter guide to gain instant success and make millions of dollars, I CAN share some of the great ideas that I’ve found to be helpful during the process of establishing my own personal brand and companies.

The first question you should ask yourself when starting your own business is, “Why the hell am I doing this in the first place?” If you can’t honestly answer that question, you need to either think of a new idea or do some more market research because you’re obviously not ready to get started. The next question you should ask yourself is, “How am I going to provide value to my customers?” This means coming up with a list of reasons how your company is directly benefiting the customer. Are you making a task easier? Are you changing a process? Or are you creating an entirely new product/market? This is the most important step because it’s the only reason why your customers are going to buy or use your product. Let’s face it, consumers are selfish. If your product doesn’t directly benefit them in some way, they won’t give it a fighting chance.

After you have validated your company or startup idea and are set on pursuing it in full, you need to then focus on you. There’s a known principle in the business world that all these high profile millionaires use. “You don’t bet on the horse you bet on the jockey, the person ultimately in charge.” Investors don’t invest in the products, they invest in the people behind them. Although you do need to be as genuine as possible, there are steps to follow and actions to take to make yourself become a better investment. It is all about perception, a person can look at you for 3 seconds and decide whether or not they want to fund your start up or tell you to fuck off. It all comes down to the details. What you wear, how you speak, and your individual actions all play a role in how you are viewed in the business world. So make sure that suit is fitted, buy a damn thesaurus and act as if a potential investor is watching your every move…because they just might be.