Victim or Champion…

You are who you are. You get the hand your dealt. You just have to get by. It is what it is.

There are a million things that people say about your circumstance, their circumstance and how “It is what it is” As if you, them and anyone else cannot change their life and change what’s going on, they play the victim.

I think that’s bogus!

One of the other things you hear a lot is “you have to play the hand your dealt” Well I personally don’t know any card game where you ONLY get one set or hand of cards. So if that’s the analogy you are using it’s time to get a new hand dealt.

I’ve played a victim to circumstance, you’ve played a victim to circumstance everyone has played a victim to circumstance.

What separates the great people in life from everyone else is that we recognize that we are playing a victim and that our life, our circumstances and the outcome of our days, months and years is completely up to us and we do something about it and push forward.

The question is…. Are you going to be a victim and stay mediocre or are you going to wake up, push forward and be great?

I vote that we push forward and be great together!

ps. With 2016 right around the corner lets make our resolution here and now to be great this next year. Who’s with me?

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