How to block Norton Antivirus Pop Ups with easy steps?

Brendon Jon
Nov 12 · 2 min read

Norton antivirus is the leading security software which provide you the best in class security tools to protect your system from viruses , malware and other online threats to your PC, Mac and mobile devices. But being a normal user you may face some issues which you need to take help from Norton com setup. So one of the common issue which are faced by many users is Norton Antivirus Internet Pop-Ups. Because blocking Norton antivirus popup will be very convenient and good approach while using Norton antivirus. So below are the steps which allow you to block Norton antivirus Pop Ups.

1.Blocking Norton Antivirus Internet PopUp

2. Click on your PC start button . you will see the programs insatalled on your system

3. Click on Norton Security software icon from your program menu

4. Norton Internet security window will be opened.

5. Click on Norton Antispam which is on left hand side of your Norton Internet security.

6.Click on setting and status under Norton Antispam.

7. If there is green checkmark against pop up blocking

8. Turn off pop up blocking

9. Click on save the setting.

By following the above methods , you can easily turn of blocking your Norton antivirus popup but if you are facing any issue , you can take help from Norton com setup security person as they are security experts for this product and having expertise to solve any kind of hurdles easily which arises in Norton product. So it is recommend to take help from Norton setup if you are facing any issue regarding Norton.

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