Blog Rethink Part 2: What the blog am I doing?

So the deletion of my blog offered me an opportunity to have a fresh start. Yet as I began to start figuring out how to rebuild my blog, I realised my original mission from 2011 is different. What the blog am I doing?

In the past my blog was a way for me to improve my communication skills as a way to demonstrate some of my projects. These are two admirable goals, but outside of this blog I have developed these skills. As I work as Business Analyst/Project Manager I am constantly forced work on my communication skills and develop them further. Although my communication skills aren’t perfect, it has come a long way since 2011. Using Github has allowed me to be able to show my projects which more or less meets my requirements. So at the moment these are not motivating factors for me.

Over the years, my blog had transformed into somewhat of an opinion column about technology and trends within the field. However as I matured I started to find that I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to comment about these things and would spend a lot of time researching. The resulting post would be present both sides of the picture without really adding anything to the issue. So as I specialised more at my job I started to comment more about my personal experiences. However I feel that this isn’t really what I want my blog to be.

However I feel that this isn’t really what I want my blog to be.

So what do I want my blog to be exactly? Well as it stands now, outside of work I concentrate a lot on learning and working on some projects. First and foremost I would like to be able to talk about the courses I am doing and what insights it has provided to me. I believe by doing this I will not only cement my own knowledge but also share my learnings with others. I also would like to present the information about my projects but also allow it to serve as a portfolio with a different spin to my Github.

One topic that would previously come up on my blog occasionally, was tutorials or just code snippets with some explanations. These posts were one of my most viewed and although they took a lot more work, I thoroughly enjoyed writing them. So going forward I would also like to start writing more of these types of posts.

Going forward my blogs main aim is to demonstrate my technical abilities and share information with others. I plan to achieve this through discussing courses, side projects, tutorials and code snippets. Next post I will discuss what technology approach I will take.