As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I accidently deleted my blog and had no backups handy. Yes, I know I should have had backups but it is what it is. However it provided a good opportunity to rethink what I wanted for my blog or if I even wanted it.

I had been blogging for a couple of years but had started to lose interest in blogging so in a sense it was perfect timing. This lead me to think about my blog from different points of views. What did I want to blog about? What kind of blogging technology did I want to use?

So I have put down my Business Analyst and Developer hat and now it is time to start blogging for real. Despite some intial problems getting Cloudflare to point to Github Pages (tutorial here), I finally got back up and running!

My blog will be very technical (moreso than it was before) with my less technical content going onto LinkedIn Pulse. My technical blog is hosted on Github Pages running Jekyll. This configuration allows me to have a lot of control over my blog, not need to worry about it crashing and it backups through git. It perfectly fits my requirements!

It has been an interesting journey rediscovering my passion for writing and blogging in general. I have been able to apply skills that I have learnt through my work experience to help me manage requirements and decisions.

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