Emotional Stability

How do we learn to become stable? What does that look like? What does learning it feel like?

Here’s the whole process in a nut shell to get to where I currently am in the process of learning emotional stability.

I started off being super emotional as a child, I wore my heart on my sleeve. As a teen I shut down and cut off all emotions. Then I became emo-kid Brendon and my emotions controlled me at every point of life. Then I found happiness and how to be positive, became positive person.

Here for the last year or so I have been really exploring the “dark” side of emotions, and that has led to me really learning to open up to all of life. Which has been incredible, but it took me to a place where I was experiencing really really high highs and really really low lows.

I did not want to shut down the experience of being human so I decided to fully embrace being an emotion being. This has been incredible, but led to a bit of a roller coaster, and it has not been stable at all.

All of these stages have been required to get me to where I have experience all the emotions vividly, and I love all of them. But…

I am now hearing life call me deeper yet again, and of course, I will listen.

I can tell that there’s now a stability that is the next iteration of this. Instead of going all over the place like I’m on a roller coaster, there is an understanding that I can use these emotions as tools, I can choose to be stable while these things are going on inside of me.

Now, how the hell can I do this?

It takes changing our perspective a little bit. Instead of looking at the buildup of emotions and pressure those cause inside of us as something to be avoided we can actually look at them as something good.

It’s another example of things building inside of us, the pressure that’s inside. We can choose stability, choose to feel it, and then continue on as the stability that are at our core. Or we can choose to explode, vomit, or ejaculate our emotions onto the people around us as a way to release the tension.

The pressure is not a bad thing. It’s been mentioned a million times (super cliche but fitting) that pressure is how you turn a piece of coal into a diamond. Same thing is happening with this pressure.

Is it pleasant at first? FUCK NO!
But over time can we learn how to enjoy this just as a lot of us have learned to enjoy working out.

It is learning to love the process. We know that every single bit of pressure inside us is changing us into the person we want to become so we can enjoy every single bit of the pressure.

As the pressure builds, can you just sit in it? How much can you handle before you start bursting? Next time, try to keep awareness and sit in it as long as you can. Make a game out of seeing how strong you are.

And lastly, during this whole process, nothing that happens, when you burst and spill your emotions onto someone or not, nothing is wrong. It is all good. You are perfect in your core. That is who you are. Feel how amazing you are and love all of you as the amazing human you are