Why I’m Here

I cannot say that I’ll use Medium a lot, although that’s my aim. If I can write something — anything; fiction or just my thoughts on certain topics — every day I think that it will help me grow as a writer and as an artist. The one thing that I am certain will never show up on here are any scripts that I write, partly because of the format and partly because I don’t want those public at the moment (and the several I’m working on at the moment are far from complete).

That being said, I’ll probably publish anything else on here. I have many, many interests and hopefully all of those will see time on here. From authoritarianism (thanks to the election of Donald and the behavior of the GOP) to comics/manga (everything from Batman to Love and Rockets to Calvin and Hobbes to Berserk to One Piece to etc.) to television (hopefully I’ll get around soon to writing about why Adventure Time is one of the greatest shows ever made, behind only The Wire and The Americans out of every show I’ve seen) to films (if anyone is reading this — go watch A Brighter Summer Day right now, Criterion has a nice edition of it). The one subject that I’ll likely never write about is music. I love music dearly, and I listen to everything from Jute Gyte to Ariana Grande to Charles Ives to Kate Bush to Miles Davis to Big Blood to how many hundreds of artists do you want me to list? But I lack the vocabulary to talk about music with anything approaching sophistication. And that doesn’t satisfy me when I’m writing.

I’ll also publish weird short fictions that pop into my head from time to time. In fact, some of those will probably be my next few posts.

I’m curious if anyone will ever read what I write. And lastly, let’s hope I read through what I write before I post it. Editing is something that I should pay more attention to — it’s remarkable how often I leave out a word when I’m writing because I’m doing it too fast (or so I tell myself).

So that’s it. That’s why I’m here. Maybe you’ll be interested in some of what I write. Now let’s hope this doesn’t end being the only thing I publish here.