Content Is King. . .

The Importance Of Content Marketing.

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.” — Bill Gates.

Quality content plays an important role in any effective marketing campaign (be it traditional or digital), however; most marketers will admit — It’s just plain hard. Creating and promoting relevant and impactful content pieces requires amongst other things; the creativity of identifying what appeals to a certain group, emotion, data, humor, and even trends.

Jenifer Rowley, in an article she published, pointed out the value in the use of content marketing, emphasizing the importance of investing in creating content that is appealing since marketing can only be effective if the consumer is willing to spend time reading or watching the content. With developments in technology, there has now emerged a market that is internet based where products are marketed and bought online. Such markets are mainly or highly dependent on content marketing and less on word of mouth.

Content marketing can also be more effective when done through business to business marketing as discussed by Holiman and Rowley. This kind of marketing includes such things as pop-ups, and value added content that can be seen marketing a business on another business’ web or social media page. However, with this comes a lot of research since this strategy requires the understanding of what the consumers or clients of the one business would probably want to know, as well as which other related business they’d be interested to know about.

The importance of content marketing is therefore defined when the above mentioned principles and tactics are understood and observed. For effective use of content marketing, the marketer must identify the target group, employ humor, emotion, research and intellect in developing the content. Such efficacy will breed brand following, customer loyalty and increase customer base.