Why should I exercise?

That seems a fair enough question and, some readers might even suggest that they can maintain a high quality of life with limited exercise and still remain healthy.

However, as actively minded people, we know that this probably isn’t in our body’s best interest to remain inactive. We also realize that, in order for our mind and bodies reach their fullest potential, we must conduct regular physical and mental exercise to challenge ourselves and grow.

With an ample range of health benefits, most forms of exercise are sufficient enough maintain a level of health; however, our bodies are quite clever and quickly adapt to any routine that’s established.

Therefore, we must be continually challenging our mind and body if we are to make any meaningful progress with our health and fitness.

Avoid Becoming Stuck in the Same Old Boring Fitness Routine

Using walking as an example; it’s quite common to see someone trek the same path day after day. They go no farther and no shorter than the day before and generally become set in the same routine. In this instance, we’ll consider that maintaining their health is the primary aim. It’s a goal that will easily be achieved if they maintain their current routine.

Unfortunately, progress in their fitness levels will eventually stagnate and, if they are aiming to lose weight, the results will be short lived.

Their mode of fitness isn’t the issue here, because walking still remains a great vehicle to deliver fitness results, it’s the routine that sooner or later let them down.

In the end, their bodies will effectively become adapted to the routine and their fitness will have ultimately reached a plateau.

To Improve Your Fitness You Must Continually Set New Benchmarks and Challenge Yourself

Because fitness works on a system that requires a progressive overload of stimulus, we need to constantly keep challenging ourselves by altering the external stress levels which are placed on the body during exercise.

To combat physical adaption, we must routinely vary the exercises that we choose to conduct and keep our bodies guessing to provide fresh stimulus in order to promote development.

Undertaking a Personalized and Structured Routine Delivers Faster Results

In line with that, our exercise selection also has to be orientated towards our aim or, goal specific. In other words, if you want to lose weight while gaining strength you would, for instance, conduct a personalised program that includes weights based strength training that is supported by a nutritious diet that promotes weight loss.

This would then be carried out within a structured weekly routine that maintains a balance between exercise, recovery and individual lifestyle factors.

The benefit of planning your workout routine allows you to better track your results, measure your workload workout and, to assess your routines effectiveness.

Having these measures in place not only reinforces your routine to ensure you never miss a workout but, it also fast tracks your results as well. On top of this, it also takes the guess work out exercise.

5 Benefits of Structured Exercise

To assist you in getting motivated, I’ve created a short list of 5 key benefits that your body will experience when working towards your fitness goals.

  • Exercise boosts your happiness: Because exercise not only reduces stress, it can also release feel good hormones in the body called endorphins. These hormones are released by the brain during and after exercise that make you experience a ‘feel-good’ sensation.
  • Exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease: Physical activity is often more effective than any preventative drug treatment. And, as they say, prevention is better than a cure and, exercise promotes general health and wellbeing that fights off poor health issues.
  • It will make you sleep better: By strengthening circadian rhythms, exercising can help keep you more bright-eyed during the day and bring on sleep at night.
  • Exercise boosts you energy levels: People who conduct low-intensity exercise often experience a drop in fatigue levels and up to a 20 percent increase in energy because they’re placing a healthy stimulus on their muscles and heart.
  • Exercise promotes Weight Loss: Structured exercise is generally conducted for the intended for fitness purposes. However, adopting a suitable routine that is supported by a nutritious diet aids weight loss by boosting the metabolism and burning more energy which results in weight loss.

Combine Your Fitness Routine with other Elements for Longer Term Results

When combined with the Mind & Body foundations, structured exercise forms the main philosophy that creates The 3 Pillars.

Establising this system that is based on multiple functions, each foundation enhances a framework that delivers longer term results.

Because embracing a truly balanced and active lifestyle will guarantees you a lifetime of health and wellbeing that will outlast any fitness fad or craze.

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