That would not actually be a fair comparison.
Taylor Otwell


It was always my understanding that Laravel was “built on top of Symfony”. The composer.json file of a Laravel project also shows some Symfony packages used:

“require”: {
“php”: “>=5.6.4”,
“ext-mbstring”: “*”,
“ext-openssl”: “*”,
“classpreloader/classpreloader”: “~3.0”,
“doctrine/inflector”: “~1.0”,
“jeremeamia/superclosure”: “~2.2”,
“league/flysystem”: “~1.0”,
“monolog/monolog”: “~1.11”,
“mtdowling/cron-expression”: “~1.0”,
“nesbot/carbon”: “~1.20”,
“paragonie/random_compat”: “~1.4|~2.0”,
“psy/psysh”: “0.7.*|0.8.*”,
“ramsey/uuid”: “~3.0”,
“swiftmailer/swiftmailer”: “~5.4”,
“symfony/console”: “3.1.*”,
“symfony/debug”: “3.1.*”,
“symfony/finder”: “3.1.*”,
“symfony/http-foundation”: “3.1.*”,
“symfony/http-kernel”: “3.1.*”,
“symfony/process”: “3.1.*”,
“symfony/routing”: “3.1.*”,
“symfony/translation”: “3.1.*”,
“symfony/var-dumper”: “3.1.*”,
“vlucas/phpdotenv”: “~2.2”

So what is Laravel? :-p Is it a wrapper around Symfony? Something completely different?

By the way, this comment is not meant as a reproach or anything, I just want to understand what this mystical creature called “Laravel” is about ^^

Also: amazing statistics! 13 lines per method and such a low code complexity is an amazing goal as a programmer I want to reach!

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