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It felt like I was reading part of my own story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My mother has borderline. The worst part of all is that I cannot tell her this, as she doesn’t reason the same way we do.

I feel bad for leaving my youngest brother and sister with her, while she keeps manipulating them. I feel bad because I had the chance to go away but they haven’t had that chance yet.

I’m so angry with her because she isn’t sane and it’s impossible to make an argument. She just doesn’t listen to anything or anyone. She was officially diagnosed a few years ago, and has refused treatment. It has even been said in court that she’s mentally ill, but no one can do anything because she isn’t harmful enough.

I just wished she took the responsibility to let people take care of her, and more importantly, my brother and sister who are both being traumatised during their teenage years.

Thanks for sharing though, made me feel not alone.

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