The adventures of packing.

As a college student who comes from a place were college students aren’t used to move away from home packing is a challenge. Really this is my second time packing for college, but the first time doesn’t really count since my mom was coming with me, thus I had two suitcases to fill up.

After packing away from residence and getting ready to go back home for the summer, I though I had left enough things in storage in order to fly more comfortably. Naturally, I was wrong since I still payed extra-weight for my checked bag. Now it’s hard to choose between what I want to take with me and what I want (or more accurately, have) to leave behind, specially when my mom, in the middle of her “my daughter is leaving” crisis, took me shopping more than a few times. She wanted to make sure I had everything I need.

I look at my almost empty closet and I think about how important my room is to me. All the books I’ve read are there, the CDs and Vinyls I’ve heard, and the walls I’ve painted. I’m certain that when I return everything will have not change and will remain in the same place, everything except me. Reminds me of a passage in The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger when Holden admires the Natural History Museum and finally realizes he is all grown up now.

So now here I am, with a bag that’s full (and probably overweight) and still longing to take more with me.

Wishing my bags were as cool as those.