Information Graphics Ch. 2

Chapter two of Guide to Information Graphics is a “dos and don’ts” of displaying data. Considering I haven’t really messed with charts since middle school, I found that I was guilty of a lot of the “don’ts”. Here are some of the ones I do regularly:

  • Awkward y-axis increments, using dashed lines/shapes, and labeling at long distances in line graphs
  • Using shadows, distracting shades, and 3-D in bar graphs
  • Labeling at an angle on the x-axis
  • Alternating light and dark bars on a bar graph
  • Using grid lines and scales on a horizontal bar graph
  • Charting negative values in the wrong direction
  • Placing values in pie charts in random orders and using too many slices
  • Using too many effects on a pie chart
  • Using grid lines after every data value in a table
  • Aligning numbers in a table (I never paid attention to that before)
  • Truncating a person in a pictogram representation

Now I know better.

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