What to do when you’re worried sick.

Ok. So you’re feeling acute anxiety and stress. What can you do? Your head is spinning. Thoughts flying around your head.

First thing. You might not be able to fix it for the long-term just yet. You might need to accept the problem or state might be with you for a while. It’s annoying, but you have to accept that.

But in the short-term, you can do stuff. And a bit of action will help. The key is to try to shift your energy a bit. Just a little.

The thing is, worries and anxieties shift. They’re just as dynamic as life itself. They will move. Trust in that.

So take a few minutes. Get some fresh air if you can. Take a few deep breathes. The key is to just calm yourself a bit. Some cold water on the face, even exercise if you have time.

Then put a plan in place. You may not be able to solve the big long-term stuff. But chunk it down and see what the immediate things are that you can do. Create the plan and do those first.

Get support. A call to family or friends. Or if at work, go and speak to the senior people who can help. They will.

All the while, let the negative thoughts come and go. Keep returning to the present moment.

The key is to accept the situation and then do what you can. You can’t do more than that.

And whatever way you can, try to enjoy your day as you don’t have too many of them and they all count.