Her Day (WIP — Coming 2018)

I’m not sure if she knew who I was, or if she even knew I existed. I remember seeing her around the campus either walking to and from class with her girlfriends or sitting on the grass with them, skipping her classes. I wasn’t the only one mesmerized by her. She fascinated everyone. She made everyone feel as if they were someone special.

A couple of times she looked in my general direction and smiled. Her green eyes had a sort of laughter in them. When she smiled, you almost had the feeling that she was keeping some sort of funny secret from you; that she knew something you didn’t and she found it quite amusing. Her long dark hair contrasted with her green eyes and fair skin made her a striking sight. Her warm soul only accentuated her beauty.

I never understood what possessed her to choose the guys she dated. They acted as though it were some sort of privilege for her to be dating them rather than the other way around. And she continued going back to them even when they treated her like trash. If she had ever chosen me I would feel like the lucky one. If only she had seen that. It almost seemed as if she cherished a challenge. I don’t think I could ever give her that challenge and I’m sure she knew that.

As she lies here, I look at her and wonder what could have been if she had taken a chance on someone or something different. If she hadn’t resisted and really listened to her heart because I’m sure it was telling her to do the right thing.

But girls like her never really do what’s best for themselves, do they?

I stand in front of her and soak her in for a few moments before I turn around and walk up the aisle toward the exit. The two men standing by the doors wearing earpieces glance at me as I walk out. As I walk down the stairs of the chapel I wonder if they are still watching me.

If they know.

***Brenda Thornlow is a published author from Brooklyn, NY. Her work can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.***