The Experience Gap

I’ve interviewed more than 20 businesses and startups over the past two months about the challenges they face working with college student talent. I’ve also talked to over 20 college students about the challenges they face with internships and summer jobs. Both parties have identified one main problem.

Business say that most students cannot be hired because they don’t have enough experience.

Students are being turned away from internships and jobs because they don’t have experience.

I’m defining the space in the middle of these two problems, The Experience Gap. Businesses want students to be experienced before they hire, but students need a chance to receive their first experience. Both outcomes do not work together.

I’m working to solve this problem and the solution is not an internship or a University lecture. The solution involves a new type of education for Millennials and Generation Z. Entrepreneurship can provide a mindset that every single student needs.

Students have the ability to go out and create their own experiences, but they haven’t been taught they can yet.

Stay tuned to see how I’m solving The Experience Gap.

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