Personal Selection:

When approaching this assignment I wanted to pick an object that I used everyday, q-tips immediately came to mind. I use them for makeup/nail polish remover, to clean my laptop, my ears, and a large ammount of them take up no space at all.


The cotton swab was invented in the 1920’s by Leo Gerstenzang by attaching wads of cotton on toothpicks.The Q in Q-Tip actually stands for ‘quality’.To this day Q-tips bring in high sales and are popular with consumers.


There are many uses of cotton swabs, ear cleaning being the most popular/known (it’s advised against by doctors). Although they are used in medical packs, craft classes, makeup application, etc. They serve a broad purpose for users.

Materials + Construction:

Usually small wads of cotton spun onto the ends of a small stick usually made of plastic or rolled paper. In the medical field q-tips are generally longer and only have cotton on one side. Household q-tips are shorter with cotton on both ends.


Most Q-tip packages are pretty cheap. A package of 500 Q-tips costs around $5, and there are smaller to go/travel cases of q-tips as well with less in them that are cheaper. Since they are easily made, the cost isn’t too high.

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