Running in Burnet Woods

Before I visited the park, I assumed the problem I would focus on was the map. This map of course has problems but nn my visit to Burnet woods, I encountered a girl who was about to start a run in the park. I was a little surprised because I had never heard of anyone running here, only people taking walks/bird watching. I asked her if she usually ran here and what she likes/dislikes about running on these trails. She said she runs here about once a month or so and that she has never seen a map before and just kind of runs around until she wants to be done and then will make her way out of the woods. She also noted that the worst part of running at the park was how many rocks/branches were clogging the trails which didn’t make it easy to run and which is also a safety hazard. I asked her how familiar she is with the woods and she said that she has been here a handful of times and always makes sure never to go too deep into the woods so she doesnt get lost. This doesn’t seem like the best system for joggers interested in running in the beautiful Burnet Woods, especially those not 100% familiar with the park.

The map of Burnet Woods given online is not very detailed and can be confusing at first glance. It’s not an awful map, and a family giong for the day for a walk could get around well for the most part. But I think a great idea for the park to implement would be a seperate brochure/map for joggers. A customized map/info sheet for visitors would perhaps encourage residents to go for a run there if they’ve never thought about it before, and make the entire process easy and fun which would encourage them to return back and even tell their friends! I think this type of customized brochure could work for other aspects of the park as well, such as bird watching, fishing, disc golf, etc. By putting emphasis on a certain activity in the park and marketing it in a way that makes people want to go to and engage, would boost the parks foot traffic and image. Another way to get more joggers to come to the park is deifnitely to clean up the trails, no one wants to run with the risk of falling over a rock or branch every couple of feet.

I have come up with a mock design of a jogging brochure for the park. An eye-catching title, and promise of personalized running trails, mile markers, and rest stops are the attractions of the brochure and will surely get viewers to want to run at the park.

For these cutomized brochures to work, park matienence must clean up the trails, measure out miles and mark them on the right paths, and put in benches for people to take breaks. These brochures must be readily available at all park entrances so visitors have an easy and enjoyable run and feel prepared in doing so. The best way to improve the parks image and number of occupants is to go out into the park and talk to the people there, get their feedback and ask them what would better their experience at the park. Talking to users and analyzing what they do in the park will result in the best improvements.

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