The Laziest Generation Yet

In light of the recent election and just the past few years there has been much said about this new generation. Let’s be real, clearly Millennials are the laziest, ungrateful, and babied generation yet. I mean all of our time spent is obviously looking up dank memes and Netflix and chilling.

No one works and school is just a back up thing if our rap career doesn’t take off. Majority of the generation doesn’t even move out of their parents house at 18 anymore, it’s close to 20. But like the baby boomers say it’s all millennials fault. But truthfully we were born into a society that they created and some would say an economy they destroyed. With an unlivable lifestyle expectation how are we as a generation to succeed under these pressures?

The fact of the economy being near the gutter and that the job market is way too small for the growing population or maybe that college is inflating at anywhere between 3.6%-5.3% a year. And the fact that living prices are always increasing but the living wage in America has stayed very stagnant over the years. How is my minimum wage job supposed to pay for an insane college tuition and living on my own? If a student was supposed to only work part time and go to school full time on a minimum wage job they would have to work insane hours, like hours that are not humanly possible. In the state of Washington the minimum wage is $9.47 and to pay for a quarter of the price to attend my university I would have to work 164 hours a month, but only being capable to work part time that would take me a little over 8 weeks to do. That’s unrealistic but that’s probably just me and i’m just another lazy millennial who wants a little more of a realistic price to further my education without having to be in drowning in debt for over half of my life.

Obviously living in these conditions of price creates an alarmingly high stress rate of the individuals in the millennial generation. Then there is this expectation for all of us to go directly into college, whether or not we see that as our path to our future. This pressure to go leads to longer time periods to graduate with your basic four year degree, which is usually a bachelor’s degree. Studies show that right now it can take an average of 6 years to graduate with a bachelor’s. This becomes a bigger deal in the price of college that continuously rising and how the longer you are in school the higher the debt you are in for life. If I were to be in this average at Western Washington University and prices stay the same as they are my freshman year I would pay a total of $92,850. Then again I am just another lazy millennial who wants free college so I don’t have to pay for it.

Not to mention that since it takes longer to graduate is partly due to the unknowing of what students going in want to do. Since they go in not knowing do to the pressure that is put on them some classes they take their first year can be completely useless to what they want. This also has led to more dropouts among college students. Since everyone feels pressure to go they don’t often due it for themselves and then they realize it is not for them. The increase of dropouts negatively affects our economy since “people who dropout are more likely to default on their loans”. With more and more debt and less well paying jobs the cycle of debt in our society keeps going and engulfing more and more people. This just shows how the millennial generation is babied because we need support after dropping out.

In an economy where success is harder to achieve but the economy grows to be less inclusive its creates a high stake lifestyle. Since it is so high stake it makes it so younger people have more to lose if life doesn’t go as planned. We as a culture are feeding this creating a longer and harder fall for future generations and we need to somehow make a change. Then again what would I know I’m just a dumb millennial with no drive at all.

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