Late Night Thoughts

She lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling. Her phone was right beside her because she was waiting for one text.

I’m coming over. Now.

Her thoughts surrounded her like a thick fog. “You’re too needy.” They tell her.
“You need to find more friends.” 
“They don’t care about you.”
“You’re all alone.”
“You push away everybody who ever did care.”
“Your mother raised a Bitch, a coward. A slut.”

She turned over and buried her face in her pillow. The tears were already flowing and the scream was building up in her chest fast. Her jaw clenched and the anger, pain and loneliness pushed its way out of her with a lot of force. By the time she was done her throat was dry and sore.

As she got up to grab a Kleenex to clean off her face and her phone went off. Thinking it was just Vent, she ignored it. When she came back there were two words on her screen.

I’m here.

Her breath caught in her throat and she ran to the patio, his car was here. Her hear raced in her chest, she looked at herself in a mirror and held back the urge to scream again. She looked horrible but she hoped he wouldn’t care as she ran to the door.

There he was with a chocolate bar and a movie, of course there was Netflix for that but she grinned and for once it was genuine. Immediately he pulled her close and kissed her so gently. The fog was clearing away from her ever so slightly.

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