Lost and Found

As she sat on her porch she saw visions of her family playing in the yard. Her two daughters playing tag with their father, laughter rang through her mind and she smiled at the memory.

Suddenly, the memory changed and she saw her daughters’ rooms torn apart and everybody gone. Her husband had been found by the police miles away. He had been beaten up on the side of the road and left for dead but her daughters were nowhere to be found.

It had been seven years since they disappeared and she still held the hope that they would be returned to her. She stayed at the cottage in hopes that they would escape and find their way back home. With one last look down the road she stood up from her rocking chair and made her way to bed. Thus, ending one more day of loneliness.

She woke up the next morning with the usual sadness. Alone in her little cottage she made her way down stairs. In the places where there used to be laughter and smiles was replaced by empty rooms and blinding sun light. The birds sang their happy tunes but it just reminded her how alone she was.

She took a step inside the kitchen and smelled coffee. That was odd. When she looked at the table she saw a cup of coffee with flowers set up neatly around it. Right next to her cup of coffee was a spoon to stir in her sugar and a pencil to write her stories. All the things she needed when… When her daughters were around.

Hands covered her eyes and she heard a giggle from behind her, then she felt another pair of arms wrap around her, giving her a hug. When the hands came away she saw her daughters standing there with her, smiling with tears streaming down their bruised faces. She started to cry herself. She would deal with who ever caused them pain. After she hugged them both and helped them heal. Right now she was just so happy to have them back.

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