Picking up the Pieces

She was down on her knees. Life had defeated her and she was willing to give up before it threw the next punch. As her emotions warped her vision, everything looked out of reach. What was the point in trying?

She saw people slowly tiptoeing backwards away from her, people she cared about with smiling faces. Why not spare them the time and push them away?

She felt knives in her back and as she looked behind her, the very people she was trying to help were using her own knives to stab her in the back. Why not spare them the effort and do it herself?

All she had left to do was give up. As she put one foot slightly in front of the other, she made her way to an isolated spot where nobody would find her. Nobody would bother looking so far away. She laid herself out in the grass, buried her face in her own elbow and cried her final tears. Tears of sorrow, heartbreak, anger and love.

Suddenly, there was something very big on her back but she found herself not able to care. Even as she felt herself begin lifting off the ground she just let it happen. She had no idea what was going on but she couldn’t find the effort to figure it out.

As the butterfly carried the girl back home she wished for stronger wings. The weight of all the disappointment and emotions were a struggle to carry with such small wings. Nonetheless, the butterfly would not give up. This was a person in need of help and the butterfly could do so!

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