CBD Benefits: Is CBD Bulletproof?
Dave Asprey

I love Dave Aspery, but he has some critical things wrong in this article. Nanoenhanced hemp oil solves each and every one of his quams with CBD 1. Pesticides. Yes, you gotta watch out for them in any cbd product for sure. Must be organic. Organic cbd products exist! The oil I distribute is totally free of pesticides, molds, and anything toxic. We have the certificates of analysis to prove it, and I’ve sent the oil to the best lab in Cali to have it tested, and it’s totally pure. 2. Legality. Our cbd oil is legal because of the farm bill of 2014. Our company ships to all 50 states, and has a contract with the USPS. 3. Bioavailability! This is the one where I’m like get me Dave on the phone now! The bioavailability problem is real. Our oil solves that with nanotechnology. It’s 98% bioavailable. I’m seeing really amazing results with my friends and clients with this oil.