This post will focus on getting out of your own way. I’ll focus on the mindset around packing and how think correctly about packing. We all have enough baggage! Let me begin by defining what were life-shattering paradigms me. These will equip you for traveling and I use these on a daily basis.

  • NEVER pack for more than two weeks at a time
  • When in doubt, DON’T pack it
  • Packing by occasion

When we’re done you’ll understand not only how these ground rules work, but also why they work. I should also mention that not all of these ideas are…

Consulting is a bit of a unique job. Consultants (including myself) spend their time traveling to their clients, fixing their client’s problem, and moving on to the next client. When my friends ask, “so are you still in Chicago?” and I reply that I am, the immediate follow up, “wait, so why don’t you just move there?” Fair question. But it’s a pretty easy answer, “Because who knows? In two months, I could be in San Francisco.”

Consulting has rocked my perception of what “home” means, taught me how to live out of a suitcase, taught me routine in places…

Brennan Cornell

Consultant. Traveler. Data Geek. Fun seeker. Opinions are my own

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