The 3 Reasons I Still Write Listicle Posts Despite THE INSANE Number of Haters
Chris Danilo

There’s nothing vulnerable about writing a listicle. The amount of ‘hate’ it gets is dwarfed by the amount of attention it receives in return for being an easy and shallow read.

One of your arguments is that people don’t like to read — seriously? Wouldn’t you think that the audience on Medium would be those who are inclined to want to read?

And the word hate is incorrectly used here. You’re not being harassed or dog-piled on.

Vulnerability stems from being open, from writing things that might not hook everybody to read it. To be experimental in the craft of writing. Using the same regurgitated formula to write about something that’s been written about a multitude of times before isn’t being open or exposing yourself in any way.

Hey Chris Danilo, I decided to write a longer response here:

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