Day 2: I knew only the groom
Brennan Jernigan

Some notes and context:

My first sealing: In Mormon theology, families have the opportunity to live together eternally as family units. Thus, a Mormon couple is sealed to one another, not simply married. It’s considered an eternal marriage. This first sealing for that I attended was that of a close friend of mine, a former coworker at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Or at least now we are close friends. Then, we were at that border between friendly acquaintances and actual friends. So the invitation to join him at his sealing — which always take place in Mormon temples — meant a lot to me. But my anxiety was set off by knowing no one else at the ceremony.

White and green: When adult Mormons take part in temple ceremonies, such as a sealing, they wear special temple clothing, which is mostly white but includes a bright splash of green — which is my favorite part about it. A little earthiness amid all that purity.

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