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This is probably the scariest time our country has faced since that of the civil war. This administration needs to be curtailed at all costs beforte they destroy every last shred of fabric we have built. There is not a single evidence of hope to be had that Donald J Trump is anything but a sociopathic liar, hell bent on plying his delusional and wholy dangerous views on all of us, while attemptimng to create a Christian based dictatorship that refuses to recognize the rights and wills of its people.

It is time for us to come together as a country and protect what is rightfully ours. To show we will not be railroaded into compliance. That demagouges like him have no place in a civilized world. Let us take a stand now and protect our rights, our reporters and protesters, to protect those that serve to protect us from people like Trump.

We are truly at a crossroads in this country and events like this should only fuel our anger, our indignation, our Patriotism. Let use rise like a mighty Phoneix from the ashes of our defeat and reclaim our beautiful land of the free. Or else it might not be free for much longer.

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