Beginning of Memes
Andrew Ma

The definition of a meme according to Dawkins has transitioned itself over the past few years, as now the definition of a meme is a joke to its audience.

After reading through each article and reading, I’ve started looking closely at the certain memes I encounter on a daily basis throughout my newsfeed scrolling on all accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). There are those that are viral and continue finding a spot on my timeline, there are those that I’ve seen before, and then these random ones that make me laugh x1000. What I’m trying to get at here is that memes are everywhere on the Internet and it’s growing everyday.

Memes are so popular because of their ability to blow off tension during political unrest and unnerving events. They are there to build social interaction and find a common ground for something that’s honestly just funny.

Overall, can memes break the barrier between political tension if used correctly? Can memes revert positivity on social platforms? Can memes create inclusion rather exclusion?