Self Representations on Social Media
Nathalie Nivasnanda

This is a very reflective summary and yet so full of controversial discussion that could take ages to understand. Maybe we can’t ever really understand, but really, only grab a glimpse of social media and the “selves” we put on these platforms. My question is this, if we have so many selves we choose to represent online, are those selves not representative in reality and in person? If not, then what are our true selves? If so, then wouldn’t social media be a positive approach to allowing individuals to express all varying aspects of themselves?

I’d like to conclude with a quote I found in one really good book, “if we are not people who are shy or talkative or outspoken but people who are shy in some contexts, talkative in other situations and outspoken in still other areas, then what it means to know someone is to catalog and appreciate all those variations.”

Perhaps social media and how we include ourselves in this sense is only yet another part of who we are.

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