In the history of film and cinema in America, certain lessons learned, advances made, and defining characteristics take place, giving each era its very own identity. Whether it be the physical manifestation of a video on a screen, the transitions into sound and color, or the creation of Hollywood stars, we can look back to very specific times in the past and use them to help us understand how and why our current film landscape looks the way it does.

It’s impossible to predict exactly how future generations will view our current film industry and the legacy it will leave…

Let me start off by saying that I’m not good at this. Putting a story into words that convey exactly what I’m trying to say is not a strength of mine. Nevertheless, I have something to say. I’m giving it a shot.

Here we go.

I’m home on a long weekend from college, and I’m out to dinner with my dad at our favorite spot to get a burger and a beer. In the middle of our chit chat and catching up, he says, “Oh, by the way, I talked to your sister the other day. …

Over the past couple weeks, I had the opportunity to hear from some peers in a class of mine on how the media, in different aspects, affects us in varying ways.

A preconceived notion of mine that I carried into the experience was that all media and all advertisements display their products in a way that gives us, as consumers, a false idea of what the products will do for us.

What I found throughout several presentations was that, though this notion may be true, the ways that media has affected us over the years has made a 180 degree…

Why is it that some media artifacts we encounter are brushed off and others anchor themselves in our lives, impacting the way we live? Does it have something to do with longstanding, embedded virtues and ideals that make up what

the mass media deems to be “truly American?”

Perhaps the media acts as cultivators of culture, and the artifacts that resonate with us were created with the purpose of bolting themselves onto a part of our hearts and steering the way we continue to think and consume.

When we latch on to a media artifact, it’s important to look past the simple fact that the artifact is something we are interested in. Sure, this can help shape our interests in the future, but I believe it is equally important to understand what need the artifact is fulfilling in our…

Culture. The term referred to incessantly by sports owners, players, and fans might just carry more gravity than we thought. When Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane took the helm as Buffalo’s head coach and GM, that word — culture, served as the very basis of what they wanted to build.

“We’re trying to develop a culture here. Culture, to me, trumps strategy. …

Brennan Webb

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