How to make + upload a Facebook Frame using Pepper Filters

Jun 27, 2017 · 4 min read

Facebook frames are very similar to Snapchat Geofilters — static graphic overlays that you can customize for events and then use over photos or videos. The cool difference about Facebook Frames is they are totally free to upload.

This frame feature is brand new so uploading the design for the first time can be a little tricky, I’ll walk you through exactly how it works now though.


First you need to design your frame..

  1. You can create one from scratch if you have design skills
  2. Or use our new Facebook frame editor and make it easy on yourself 😎


Once you’ve created and downloaded your frame, follow the link and head over to Facebook’s Camera effects platform. Click ‘Get Started’ and upload your design. Once the design is in the canvas you need to make a few quick adjustments so it fits nicely in vertical format.


  1. Unselect ‘Shrink with width’ from the drop down
  2. Adjust the size so the edges touch the top and bottom
  3. Re-position the design so the words ‘Centred’ appear on all 4 sides

Submission Details

Next just name your filter and select where you want it to be visible. If you submit the filter under your personal Facebook account your friends will be able to see and use your frame. If you submit it under a ‘Facebook Page’ then anyone who likes or follows the page will be able to use it.

There is a bug with the preview on this screen, it shows your design more narrow than it actually is. Don’t worry it will still be centred when you preview it again on the next screen!

There is an option to enter Keywords so other people can search for your filter – I haven’t been able to find where this search is within the Facebook app, but I imagine as frames become more popular they will be searchable by keyword. I’ll post an update as soon as I find out where the keywords come into play.


Find your frame

To start using your frame just open the Facebook mobile app, and you should see a bar at the top that looks like this..

If you don’t see this you need to update the Facebook app, and also login to Facebook through the settings menu in your phone and make sure the camera is enabled

Tap on the Camera icon in the top left and it will open up the Camera feature. Then look for the magic wand icon in the bottom left corner.

Scroll through until you find your newly uploaded design

Now all that’s left to do is capture some awesome footage with your custom frame! I took the opportunity to interview Mochi our office bear 🐼

Patience Grasshopper

Facebook frames are brand new, so the upload experience is still a bit finicky. It’s super easy once you get the hang of it though and Frames are a really cool new feature that no one has caught on to yet. You can use them with any camera within the mobile app — including wall posts — so they are perfect for customizing your pics or videos at parties, weddings, and anywhere else you want to add a custom graphic overlay while capturing a memory.

Let us know if you found this helpful or have any questions!


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