Some people are addicted to alcohol, some pills and others are addicted to this little thing called loved… By little I mean this majorly absurd concept that is supposed to consume two people for the rest of their sorry lives and create madness if it’s not done the “right way”. Don’t take what I just said the wrong way because let’s be real here, I am one of those people who is completely obsessed with love. I love the feeling, the way it completely devours a person and gives them a whole new outlook on the world. Love is, ironically, a drug in itself. I can say that I’ve been in love three times and after you’ve done it once you’re gonna have that period where your life fucking sucks and nothing seems to go the right way and then BAM you find someone that really just gets you and you’re falling in love all over again.

Relationships are great ya know, having someone to tell everything to, do everything with… but they’re not always cherry pies and peaches people. Let’s get down to the facts.

One of the most mind boggling theories known to mankind is double standards. People/couples everywhere deal with this concept on a daily basis. In the work place, in relationships, and even in a family environment.

I’m here to focus on the relationship point of view coming from women all over the world. Women were not put on this earth to be controlled by men. And visa verse. The Equal Rights Amendment which banned any discrimination regarding someones sex was passed approximately 43 years ago so can someone please explain to me why in a relationship one person decides it’s not okay for the other person to do something… but then goes and does it themselves? RIDDLE ME THAT PEOPLE. One person in the relationship is NOT supposed to be more powerful than the other. A relationship is supposed to be the bonding of two EQUAL people, lets define that now since it seems that today’s society does not understand this abstract idea..?

So when Johnny goes to a club and gets shit faced and doesn’t text his girlfriend back until the next day, Barbara should be allowed to do the exact same thing right? The answer is YES but most of you would disagree. (And no this has nothing to do with my current relationship let’s set that straight now) I’m merely observing and reporting the clearly fucked up generation we’ve got going on here.

If the world ever needed a time machine, it’s now. Relationships will never be the same compared to how they used to be. And I’m disregarding anything that has to do with equal rights/ arranged marriages or any sort of that hooey because in all honesty I would love to go back to where women were to be chaperoned and courted by their possible suitor. Not saying that day in age was easier than 2015 but seriously dating is overrated nowadays. Defining the relationship is outrageous, & friends with benefits may seem all chill but in reality SOMEBODY is getting hurt in the end.

What I’m really trying to say here is if you love someone and you don’t wanna be without them then treat them with respect. Trust them and don’t be a piece of shit basically. Love is a special kinda drug. It needs tending and attention.. You wouldn’t just let your weed plant sit in the sun and not take care of it? YOUR LOVER IS YOUR WEED PLANT DON’T TREAT IT LIKE SOME MIDZ YO! Treat it like the sweet sticky kush it is and get over yourself :)

Yours truly,


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