I have a radical idea…just hear me out for a second. What if…you acted like every day was Friday?

I know I know, I can hear it now…the groans… “that would be impossible!”

But everything is possible if you want it to be.

I spent seven years sitting at a desk, toiling away my time. I would wake up, eat, work, go to lunch, more work, afterwork drinks, home, sleep…rinse and repeat. At one point I even told my best friend that I felt as though I was constantly putting on a costume to live my life everyday. Then something amazing happened…I hurt my knee running. That led me down a crazy road, back to yoga which I had let slide for a bit. In an effort to just heal my body I completely changed my life. Each day as I stepped on my mat, I stepped closer to who I really wanted to be and further away from who I had to be every day.

Just Because You Change, Doesn’t Mean Everything Changes

When I finally made the transition from desk dweller to full time yoga-preneur, I was expecting a whole new world. Open minded people, people striving for something new and better. What I found was that while I had made a major change, most people hadn’t and honestly never would.

I continued to teach with optimism that I could help people see that something amazing was waiting for them…but they didn’t seem interested. I commonly asked every class how they were doing and their response was always some variation of, “Better once friday is here.”

I found myself wishing there was some way to change that, some way to get people to see that, wasting away your days was a horrible way to spend time. You don’t get your days back and if you are living a life in which you want to rush to a weekend where you can spend two days out of seven being mildly content…well that just doesn’t seem much like a life worth living.

What About the Bills?

I understand a thing or two about needing to pay the bills. In fact I stayed in a job for longer than I should because I needed to pay rent. I get it we all have student loans, financial responsibilities, some even have families to provide for. I am not suggesting just dropping all of your responsibilities and running off to the next yoga festival.

What I am suggesting is this:

Seek minimal changes in your life that make your days worth living fully.

How Do I Do This?

When I first started on this new journey I decided to sit down and do the following.

  1. Make a list — Get really clear about how you want to feel everyday. Write it down. Do you want to feel happy and content? Do you want to feel excited to start each day? Do you want to feel like you’re making a difference? Once you figure out how you want to feel, it becomes a bit easier to figure out how to feel that way!
  2. Research — Spend a few moments researching the things you can do to start working towards how you want to feel every day. Maybe you take that painting class you have always wanted to do…maybe you find a cooking class or an event that interests you.
  3. Make a commitment — Spend the next month working towards this new life you have decided upon.

Three simple steps, obviously not easy. You don’t have to upturn your whole life and start a new career or move to a far off place. You just need to find a way to feel a little better each and every day.

That’s It? Really?

No!It isn’t that easy…with everything in life it takes work and commitment. I know this is where I will lose some people…but what do you have to lose just by giving it a shot for 30 days.

Make a list…Do some research…Make a commitment.

3 steps…that’s it.

I know that many people will just choose to stay with their lives as-is…while it pains me, I know that some people just like living for their weekends and complaining endlessly. However, if even just one or two of you that read this decide to make a little change…well that will be wonderful. Remember, you have time for what you make time for.