Day 1 — Squats

Work was no good today. I had a lot of rude people. I cannot understand why people act that way. I could never treat people the way people treat me at work. It’s important that I consistently remind myself that their anger has little to do with me, I just happen to be the bucket they put their anger in that day. Ultimately, I’m glad it’s me and not someone else. I can take it. I’ll use it. I tend to let it effect me personally though, and it hurts my relationship with Maile. It causes me to short and withdrawn. I replay the scenarios throughout my day. That is not acceptable to me and I need to work on how I cope with that. I need to learn to let those situations die when they’re over.

Matt and I started our 10 x 3 workout today. It was supposed to be deadlift day but the gym was too busy. So it became squat day. I really haven’t squatted all that much for the past couple of months as I’ve been so focused on deadlift. It felt great but I overestimated my strength. We ended up with 8 sets of 3 at 275. Not bad for a start, I think I could have hit ten but I’m glad I didn’t go for it because our box squats at a paltry 185 for 3 x 10 were murder. We ended up taking it easy for the last couple of assistance lifts — 90 lbs for lat pulldowns 3 x 10 and 120 for leg curl 3 x 10.

Other than that I’m proud of myself today. I got a New Testament from the book fair today with daily readings and a space for notes so I’m starting that in the morning. I stuck to my diet. I’m excited for these new changes. Now it’s just time to stick to them.