I’m back. Miss me?
Rev Dr Sparky

I’ve been listening to Peter Thiel’s Zero to One, and there a couple of points that have really got me thinking. One being indefinite optimism and the other an idea that humans need three challenges easy ones, hard ones, and impossible ones. A lot of people think that only the easy and impossible ones are left, and the hard ones are all solved. Thus they are resigned to accept what is, and not question anything. There’s no reason to be an explorer, we know all of the lands on the earth. No reason to question why the price of a stock is what it is, because we have a marketplace and it knows more than you. We no longer worry about cults or mystics, because we science and no longer need wonder.

I know this isn’t exactly what you just wrote about, but I think it rhymes. Maybe it helps with our last conversation, instead of trying to solve impossible problems, identify hard ones and start there. Or I’m just rambling on again, which is always a possibility.

Take care.

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