VR Recommendations

Platforms are only as compelling as the content and experiences that live on them. The big driver for the adoption of new game platforms is the games that are available. If you remember when Nintendo launched their Entertainment System, it was Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt that were so exciting, not the platform itself.

VR is no exception and I’m happy to report that the expense and difficulty of setting up high-end VR systems like HTC Vive and Oculus is worth it! Enclosing here a list of my favorite experiences to help folks get started with this awesome medium:

1.) “I expect you to die” Is a fun puzzle, games in the style of escape rooms. You begin in a James Bond situation staring in the face imminent and elaborate death and it’s up to you to figure out how to avoid it. There’s a simple narrative and solid puzzles.

The opening puzzle from “I Expect You To Die” charges you with getting a car out of the belly of a plane

2.) “Gnomes & Goblins” This gorgeous experiences is a demo of a larger (yet-to-be-launched) experience. Explore the forest and stay in it until “the thing” happens. You’ll know what I mean. Jon Favreau, Wevr and Madison Wells Media have done a beautiful job creating a world you want to peak into every corner of.

3.) “Rick and Morty Virtual Rickality” If you’ve watched the show, exploring their world first person will really resonate but it’s a fun and playful environment regardless. Part escape room, part narrative adventure this is well worth it.

4.) “Smashbox Arena” If Nintendo made a first person shooter it would look like this. Simple to learn, short form factor and super fun. At Two Bit Circus we experimented with this as a League Game and it was a perfect fit.

5.) “Arizona Sunshine” This is a zombie shooter. There’s a lot of them to choose from and this is the best I’ve found. Play it in campaign mode for a light narrative and a large world to explore.

6.) “Superhot” This clever puzzle/combat game is what it must feel like to be in Matrix Bullet Time. In the game, time only advances when you move. You find yourself in increasingly difficult situations and need to figure out the least number of moves to survive.

7.) “Keep talking and nobody explodes” This game is an excellent example of asynchronous play, wherein one player is in VR looking at a bomb and some number of other players are not in VR and have a physical, printed manual for the bomb. The group must collaborate to figure out how to disarm the bomb with the VR user reporting on what they see and the manual team searching for the answer.

I’ll be back with more favorites and in the meantime, I’d love to hear about any VR you love! Please reach out here.