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Jul 1 · 2 min read

Great questions, and thanks for your readership. I did my best to integrate something of an answer throughout the series, although it is also consciously left a bit open ended. The way I see it, Dutch and Nordic MM are quite well established discourses now, which have some overlap like a Venn diagram, but are sufficiently different. They both miss or omit these other explicit sources on “metamodernism” from earlier, and it is to their disadvantage. One big take away is MM should be juxtaposed with hypermodernism.

As I held some of these thoughts before discovering the new sources, it does “reassert” my own understanding of metamodern although it is still in development. Before going further, I think I need to write a piece on the Nordic School MM, for starters.

What I tried to make clear with Black Metamodernism is that African perspectives are definitely missing and lacking, as well as other global perspectives (feminist, chinese, etc). But I also don’t want to see the field become too fragmented, that is already what happened under postmodernism. Metamodernism has to be (re-)integrative, so Nordic, Dutch, (Abstract?) and other niche and global perspectives are converging on common ideals and truths; a unified discourse and paradigm. It’s very important to synthesize feminist and other ideas from the postmodern (or post-postmodern) discourses. What has happened instead with the culture wars is much of that is being rejected. That does not mean we need a “feminist MM” but that MM should already be feminist in the basic sense.

As for what unites these 3+ themes of metamodernism that have been missed… in one sense, they still need to be united and integrated more, but in another sense they already all have a common social consciousness and proactive politics that Dutch MM seems to ignore completely. There is an urgency and finality to these missed MM ideas, which is also why I think MM now needs to keep integrating these ideas. They converge on the new left socialist politics of today, that says we need to break out of the hyper-capitalist prison-complex and the dogmas of religion to affirm innate divinity.

When people think of “Metamodernism” I don’t want them to just think of Vermeullen and van den Akker, or Shia Labeouf, or Hanzi Freinacht, or Borgmann, or Gonzalez, or me, or whoever. I want them to think of ALL of it, to understand ALL of it, and more. And that is a huge challenge. We have our work cut out for us.

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