On opportunity: a new collar economy
Hannah Levinson

It seems CLT’s pitch continues to be low cost, low taxes and lack of regulation (no unions, and Raleigh increasingly making it easier to pollute). All of which was fine for attracting traditional heavy industry and corporate offices from other U.S. regions, and Charlotte has prospered as a result.

Not sure that will continue to work — esp in attracting an entrepreneur/technology crowd. Those folks generally want a more progressive social environment, and ranking 50th in mobility doesn’t help there (nor do things like not-quite-repealed HB2, and the likely prospect of more right-wing social legislation from Raleigh). Interesting to see the task force co-chair’s recent statement that had Charlotte ranked near-last but not dead-last in mobility (meaning it wouldn’t have been cited in news stories as “worst”), local leaders probably would have ignored the ranking.

Worth watching: If we creep back up to 49th because “there’s a task force working on it,” will local leaders go back to business as usual and promote the low-cost angle (which helps limit mobility)?