You Know You Are But Who Am I: The Known Unknowns Start Here

Last week I sat in a meeting with our marketing team and realized I’d just said — helpfully and without thinking, “Don’t tell me how the sausage is made, just tell me if it tastes good.” …

Knowing for sure we’ll never know anything for sure

If you were in the Milwaukee area Saturday, here’s hoping you were outside. Weather is subjective, but it was objectively beautiful. Happy to report I was outside at a park, sitting at a picnic table, reading about Kurt Gödel, a metamathematician…

Accepting and resisting, aspiring and building

With Stephen Hawking’s death comes a great temptation to recap and explore in depth some of his more important contributions to human history. I’d recommend reading what he has to say on those matters, though. It’s enlightening, exciting, frustrating, confusing, glorious, and profound. And…

Brent Gohde

Adventures in reading and writing. Making sense of what’s new in science, sci-fi, philosophy, culture, and creativity. And basketball.

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