Happy Pride: June 25, 2017 : Chicago

On Sunday Mid-Day, I came and placed my folding chair on the Broadway around the Diversey.

Brent enjoyed his Selfie by himself while awaiting for the Parade.

I addressed and read some comments on my Facebook Live Video Feed while was very pleased to see my old one of classmates, Tammy Haden (We graduated from our former Kansas School for the Deaf, Olathe, Kansas near Greater Kansas City.) and few Deaf Dominican Friends from Dominican Republic.

The Parade finally begun.

I decided to take my folding chair and small tote bag with me when keep walk and carry my cellphone camera to videotape ahead on North Halsted Street.

I was very surprised to see a group of Brazilians joined a parade on first time.

Lastly, I completed to videotape over the colorful sign and the balloon banner.

Thank you, My Dearest Parents for supporting me and our Rainbow Flag.

Most major massive cities in America, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, California and Chicago, Illinois and New York City, New York celebrate, honor and remember our Founder of the Rainbow Flag, Gilbert Baker.

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