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and my heart crumples like a coke can
by Ali Whitelock

I wish review copies would arrive sans publisher’s assertions and solicited opinions from names dropped on the cover. It’d also help if the review copy has the forward or introduction already torn out. Ignoring all that and getting right to the text of a new author you’ve not yet heard of, or a new book by a writer you deeply admire, requires discipline. If you set the book down to make a coffee before you dive in, blah blah commercially successful…

Photograph © Harrison Warne

Judith Wright, (et al.) hit the shin with a sledge hammer when she said Australia is a landscape without echoes for the non-indigenous poet. [1]

If I present my love with a rose we both know the symbolism, we have inherited a cultural history of the array of possible meanings and circumstances to interpret my act. If, on the other had, I hand someone a waratah, what exactly the fuck are they supposed to think? Judith believed it is up to the ‘Australian’ poet to interpret these symbols, to embrace the native flora and fauna of this wild weird land…

Waking up in the savage garden


I want to believe the Simulation Argument. I wish to meet a time traveller who’d take me with them. I want someone to prove the moon a hologram, the ISS a fake and that chemtrails will kill us all while terraforming the planet for our alien overlords. I want to wake up and see the matrix, take up arms against an indifferent AI super-mind. I want to drive a lightsaber through the skull of Roko’s Basilisk after I simply refuse to play it’s game of digital damnation. I want to understand the computer code written into the super string equations…

The camera changed the world when first imagined and is still changing the world today. The first porn film was made in 1896 almost immediately after the invention of the motion picture camera, and today . . . well, you have probably heard that the pornography business is responsible for a lot of internet technology innovations. I read somewhere that 70% of the internet is porn, but this Forbes article debunks that mythology. …

An extract from Scoundrel Days
First published May 2014 antiTHESIS, University of Melbourne: ISSN 1030–3839

Apologies readers . . . this story is now copyright by the publishers of Scoundrel Days: a memoir which will be available world wide from Feb 27 2017 from University of Queensland Press (UQP)

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When Jean Baudrillard wrote in his essay The Spirit of Terrorismthe World Trade Center & New York hits, the absolute event, the “mother” of events, the pure event which is the essence of all the events that never happened…’ you can easily take him out of context. In fact ‘authorities’ accused Baudrillard and Slavoj Žižek of celebrating the terrorist attacks.

Most people don’t understand that ideas and beliefs are tools, not ends in themselves, and they apply this principle to the statements of philosophers. That attitude proves more dangerous than the premises themselves.

Regard the tenets of philosophers as…

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