The Great German-American Relationship of Queensland: Julia and Brent

So one sleepless night I decided to ask and write out everything Julia hates/loves about me. These might be somewhat silly to anyone in a long term relationship but it’s not easy to share a room with a new girlfriend to save money on your travels. All living together has done is made me love this beautiful German girl even more. She doesn’t know how appreciative I am for her to put up with my shit each and every day. This is for her. Enjoy.

Things Julia Hates about me:

1. I do not understand Celsius. Other than our room temperature should be no higher than 19 degrees.

2. My Farts (kind of).

3. Biting.

4. My cold feet. No pun intended here relating to our current Facebook relationship status, only referring to the temperature of my feet.

5. When I write things about her. SORRY!

6. Sleeping Issues.

Example) When she sleeps I jump around on her.

Example) I start watching movies in the middle of the night.

Example) I leave stupid things in the bed which she has to kick all night long.

Example) I sometimes wear shoes in the bed.

Example) Sleeping with my head at the wrong side of the bed.

The best part about this list is that everything you hate about me, you will hopefully miss eventually. I want you to know that from the first time we met in Rainbow Beach before we left to Fraser Island, I met the girl I wanted to be with. Then later on you came to Melbourne with a friend visiting and fell instantly in love with me….😂
You make me a better person. You have a good heart. You have become my best friend.
We can cheer on Eddie the Eagle at the movie theatre together. (LET’S GO EDDIE!!!) We can travel the world together. We can show each other our hometowns. We can watch the Olympics with our family’s and enjoy a bit of good clean banter. This is not the end of Julia and Brent. This is just the beginning.
P.s. You do not have a choice in this one, your favourite American sports teams are now the Iowa State Cyclones, the Minnesota Vikings, and the New York Yankees.
P.p.s. That was a bit too far but I will let you choose your favourite sports teams for yourself however, you should choose wisely.

Things That Julia Loves about me:

1. I make her food. “I never was known for my culinary skills in Iowa considering I could burn a bag of microwave popcorn but with the need to save money here, I became a below average cook.”

2. My American Passport and all other benefits that come with dating an American. “Live everyday like it’s the god damn 4th of July.”

3. Kissing and Cuddling.

4. That I make her laugh all the time.

5. When I am annoyed of her.

It has been some of the best times of my life with you here in Australia. We’ll meet again. On your side of the world or mine.

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