Prayer For Reconciliation

Jesus, forgive us for the ways we have not loved you and our neighbors with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. This is the end of humanity, as all of the glory of God and humankind is caught up in the spending of one’s self in love for God and neighbor. And we fall woefully short.

We lose our patience at the smallest inconvenience. We react in offense instead of inclining our ear to listen. We gossip. We ignore brothers and sisters in pain and loneliness. We live as if you, Lord, do not exist. As if there was no cross. No tomb. No Easter. No ascension. No Spirit. No Church. As if all there was were the tasks or temptations in front of us and some sort of Dream Existence somewhere on the other side of more money, more friends, more this and more that.

Let us slow down enough to love you and love our neighbor. Let us see your love for us, know it, and feel it deeply. And let that love flow through our heart, soul, mind, and strength to our neighbors. All of our neighbors.

Jesus, keep us from judging our neighbors when we have not yet shared in their experience. Those we do not understand or whose eyes through which we have never seen, grant us greater empathy. To them, let us listen until we can love. Only then, let us speak. And even then, let us speak as if we were speaking the very words of God.

What we pray for, in the end, is for the gospel-centered, Spirit-wrought motivation to be ambassadors of reconciliation in or neighborhoods. Let us no longer regard our Red or Blue neighbors according to the flesh. Let us no longer see our rich or poor neighbors according to the flesh. Let us no longer see our black, brown, or white neighbors according to flesh, but now according to the gospel of Jesus Christ. And fuel our ministry of reconciliation with the only sustainable source — the glorious Gospel of Grace.

In Jesus’ name,

And the Church said…