A new home for Code-Free Startup

When I started Code-Free Startup back in 2016, the idea of building apps without coding had yet to be proven. And while those early frameworks showed promise, it took a spirit of tinkering and creativity to push them to their limits (and break them a few times over). Almost three years later, it’s that spirit behind so many of the breakthroughs we’ve made, and what’s possible today. If you want to build a software business, you no longer need to be a developer. That power is real — and it’s not going anywhere.

The growth as an industry has been incredible to witness, but now I’m even having trouble keeping up with the latest. For example, now that Bubble allows server-side custom Javascript in workflows, we’re nearing another inflection point where the limits of what’s possible will expand once again. And it’s going to be hard to do this by myself. So today, I’m enlisting some help. Code-Free Startup has been acquired by Zeroqode.

If you’ve used Bubble you know Zeroqode by now. They’ve become a leader in pushing what’s possible without code. Besides their app development work, they’ve built up an incredible plugin and template ecosystem. Their team of 30+ will be able to do more with the foundation of Code-Free Startup than I could alone.

They’ll be introducing themselves soon, but for now, here’s what’s important to know. For existing members, nothing will change immediately, and you’re grandfathered in for life. And while I’ll no longer be involved in creating new courses, I’ll be joining the Zeroqode community to keep the code-free movement driving forward.

So what’s next for me? I’ll be diving back into the startup world and writing about the things I learn along the way. While I’ll no longer be sending out my articles through Code-Free Startup, you can click here to join my newsletter.

I’m also happy to answer any questions you have about the transition — just reach out via Twitter. But for any questions about Code-Free Startup moving forward, the best way to reach the Zeroqode team as they transition into the driver seat is to email (support@zeroqode.com).

I’ve poured a lot of energy over the years into making sure the courses we made had real value in the startup world, and along the way turned down partnerships and offers that didn’t feel right when it came to achieving that goal. I believe in the folks over at Zeroqode, and I’m excited what they have in store for the next chapter of the Code-Free Startup.