My Concession Speech (And A Silver Lining)
Natali Morris


I read your words and I wish that you would send copies to all of those out there who are choosing not to feel the same way. At this point, regardless of who won, we as a nation need to look past everything within ourselves and realize that we have to be one nation, indivisible. I would daresay that when President Obama was elected both times I had many of those feelings of fear, disdain, aggravation. But how was ranting and raving for 8 years about his winning helping myself or helping those around me or helping my nation? I’m 1 in 350 million, but that would be one less person who is not uniting behind our elected leader.

As a Christian, I am commanded to pray for those put in authority over us, and that included every President, whether Republican or Democrat, whether I liked them or not. That elected leader is the one this nation chose based on the system of laws and framework we have setup to ensure smooth transition of power. And I want whoever is President to succeed and help our nation succeed.

**I will say this about President Obama. I didn’t like his policies on many things, but he was by far one of the most honest Presidents possibly in the modern era. He laid out his agenda and didn’t smokescreen it.**

So many people are weeping still over this election and I understand their pain (to a point) but I say, this is how the system was setup and how it works. The electoral college is there to prevent certain groups from colluding and using the popular vote to advance particular viewpoints apart from the majority, which was not so silent this go round it seems.

My wife has a friend whose 8 year old daughter woke up the morning after the election and asked who won. When she was told that Trump had won, she said “There’s still a chance for me to be the first (female President) then!” Although I have my own personal opinions about Mrs. Clinton and her policies and character and history, if she did one thing well, she did inspire many young girls, no matter the party affiliation of their home.

I appreciate the honesty in which you wrote your words and the spirit in which you are looking for the opportunities to find those silver linings. I only wish more people could have that same attitude.

And when you are frustrated with President-Elect Trump, just watch this:

He’s the only United States President to ever get a Stone Cold Stunner.

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