Motivation Matters. Especially, If You Think It Doesn’t
Georgi Nikolov

Georgi Nikolov These are incredible insights from you,

“And if we are crafty and ambitious enough (read desperate), we eliminate motivation as a factor in our success. We push forward and conquer”.

So, we never have the need to examine why we feel what we feel and what we can learn from it”.

Thank you for sharing. Very thought provoking information.

I am reading the beginning again of The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. I came across the quote, “Fear is the thief of humanity’s light”.

It is interesting reading about human nature. I am a big fan of anything real.

Or how about this one,

“They lie awake stewing on the hardships that tomorrow might bring. Their fears about the future rip them from the blessings of the moment”.