The title was by design for the reasons you named. What’s your dream? :)
John Gorman

What’s your dream is a powerful ask! ……My dream is to free hearts.

(Well the materialistic part is to hold a retreat with great minds at a cottage on Lake Michigan loaded with windows)(The funny thing is I kind of have that cottage now on a smaller lake a mile away from Lake Michigan)

I feel there is a vast energy of freedom, creativity and love that is overshadowed by the story we hold in our thoughts.

We shape our life from these thoughts and not love.

My dream is for those that are curious to learn to feel the luxury of a free heart. This luxury never wears out and never grows old.

It is not an extension of the science of achievement. It’s the art of fulfillment.

I have had a few bad ideas in life. And some good ideas. But there is one thing I have learned. You have to risk and throw some bad ideas against the wall before you see that they were really good, you just weren’t aware.