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I have been nurturing this desire to write for a while now. Never knowing what to write about, perks of a fast paced mind like mine, thoughts as often to mixed up and fuzzy to be shared with other.

The world is changing in so many different ways, for good and bad, and that is not fresh news to anyone. In the middle of this craziness I found a common subject to write about: REPRESENTATIVENESS. Specially for women.

Let me first acknowledge my place on this planet. I know how privileged I am, even though I’ve never found any particular great media character I could relate to other than Ariel, Ginny Weasley, Jessica Rabbit, or being a soulless witch. Not exactly how I’d like to be seen or related to.

This week two major toy’s companies launched new products in order to attend a generation of children being raised from questioning and critic parents. Lego is releasing their first wheelchair character, while Mattel is giving Barbie the chance to look like a real girl, with different ethnicity, skin and eyes colors and more realistic body types.

Television is also embracing, with baby steps, new beauty and representativeness concepts. My absolute idol Shonda Rhimes, does that masterfully. In her tree TV series, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder”, Shonda puts a woman as the center piece of the show. It is also valid to point that very often that powerful character is a black woman. Trying to make “television look more like the world we see outside”.

Initiatives like those are what we need to make the change real. Women need to see themselves represented by the great media, by big companies. That is a way to empower them. And now I wanna know what do you think about all that?