That email you sent. I really had to consider what to say, I didn’t want to harm you. I didn’t want to be anything other than gracious.

The video of your​ date on the boat. A few hours after the email. I started to wonder is there one of you

Or 2?

— — — — — — — — — — Do you know what sweeps upwards like the flash of mercury elemental in a bowl? Realization. That’s​ what you said you found. Realization. It was a vague reference to something you are either thanking me for, now you’re on a wealthier man’s boat or something you’re blaming me for.

Circumstance------- I meant it when I thought this part of everything was over. I mean, truly what type of hypocrite could I be.

Vague right back atcha

So, what might sweep upwards like the flash of angel wings and the beating of night slamming against our eyelids? Passion? Passion shouldn’t feel like relief. Love need not be a result of crisis.

What is passion?

Passion is the quest and the destination. The idea and method, passion is the paper. Passion is the ink. Passion forms partnership with our flesh, for most of us it steals our nights, and for a lucky few of us it will glides down sweetly like a kite and take our mornings too.

I’m just hitting back.. the goal was no reaction, but this.. is ……….vague

When he found the island…his heart opened..along side the young flowers and the ever churning water… the stillness of truth won the heart and the tumultuous return to doubt and deception was denied------ Moses in the Wild.